Thursday, November 3, 2016


Not every post will be Panther specific in case you didn't catch that.....

The Vice President was in town and was nice enough to grab my oldest's phone to take this picture. I may not be his biggest fan but kudos to Joe Biden for being so nice to my daughter. This was yesterday. On Tuesday, my youngest had a much different, she wasn't groped by Trump.

The band Hey Violet was in town and I have seen them perform twice. My youngest is a big fan and won a contest to visit with them in a West Palm Beach studio for some songs and discussion. So on Tuesday she went and hung out with them not once but twice! A second appearance was held at Y100 a radio station in Miami. They were interviewed live on the air with a few of their fans, my daughter attended that as well. They were really nice to her so I want to thank both the Vice Prez and Hey Violet for being so cool with my kids.

With most sports fans watching game six of the World Series, not many paid attention as the Boston Bruins came to town and beat the Panthers 2-1. The Beans seem to have the Cats number as they've beaten Florida 11 out of 14 games.

Speaking of the World Series, game seven last night was one for the ages. Congrats to all Cubs fans who have waited for 108 years to claim the title.

Panther prospect Adam Mascherin scored an OT goal that must be seen.

Tonight they take on the Devils who they beat on opening night at the BB&T Center. Despite the win over Detroit the Cats are officially in an early season slump in my opinion. Now is as good as any to right the ship.

----}- Bird
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